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Fire Flies Festival

Pre Monsson Fireflies Camping At Kalsubai Area

Get ready for an offbeat weekend experience at the Kalsubai Fireflies camping event. Starting from mid-May to June, Kalsubai  and its lush green surroundings shimmer up after sunset! Would like to witness this grand spectacle? Then you must visit the Kalsubai Kajwa festival.

Kalsubai’s proximity to Mumbai and Nashik makes it an ideal weekend destination for travelers of all kinds. Whether you are a nature lover, looking for respite from the busy routine or just a college student getting ready for the new academic year with a renewed spirit, Kalsubai fireflies’ season will make you feel refreshed. The experience will be something that you will cherish forever.

Just before the monsoon arrives, the tiny bioluminescence beings sparkle and shine to emit a glow. It's nature’s own light show that amuses one and all. Fireflies typically shine at twilight to attract mates or prey. These fireflies bring magic to your summer night. Play with these little creatures while they keep amusing you all night long. Photographers be ready with your cameras, so as to capture the sight and save it forever. Add to this the fun of a camping-night in the folds of majestic Sahyadris.

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Kalsubai Fireflies

Package Details
Kalsubai Fireflies Camping Rs. 800 per person

Short Details
Tent, Mat, 1 Blanket,
Welcome snacks
Fireflies Round in local area,
Morning Breakfast

Check In
Check in before 6.00 PM at Base village Bari (Kalsubai Village)
Freashup, Breakfast
6.30 pm

Dinner and Campfire
BBQ limited (veg Nonveg)
Take dinner 9.00 pm to 10.00pm
Campfire & Dinner on campsite or Home
Veg /Nonveg (Unlimited)

Fireflies  Time 12.30

Morning Breakfast
Morning breakfast at campsite

Select Any one breakfast
Maggie or kanda bhaji and Tea

Included in this package
1. Tent,Mat,Blanket. (3 Person in one Tent)
2. Group vise saperation tent no Any person add in another group in tent.( Privacy base)
3. Breakfast At Base Village 
4. Dinner Veg On Campsite. (Unlimited)
5. Campfire - limited wood.
6. Next Day 1 MORNING BREAKFAST( poha+ Tea/ Coffee)

First aid box Available

Not included in this package
2. Snacks like chips, etc

Think to carry with you
Personal medicine
Trekking grip shoes
Worm cloths/changing cloths.
Torch with extra batteries.
Dry food.

If You Carry With You We Will Not Take Responsibility of Any Action By Forest Or Police Department.

Please Leader You Must Show This Massage To Whole Group Members.

Booking option
For Booking pay in advance Rs.300 per person Gpay, phone pe, paytm
Name Ravindra Khade.

Set location Before You Leave to reach base village
Home Map Location
save it offline while driving
Hotel Trek Kalsubai
083903 74971

Name Ravindra Khade
Mo.8390374971 , 7507265841.


Instagram ID
Kalsubai Trekkers

Personal Id

​Thank You

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